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Is She Divorced?

Is She Divorced?Online dating is all the rage these days and we all want to find that special someone.  Now you think you have found her, but is she divorced?  You know from her profile that she has been married in the past, but she says she is divorced.  You want to trust her, but what if she is really only separated?  Or what if she has said she has been divorced for years and you suspect she may have divorced more recently.  Or she might have said she’s never been married at all.  Either way, you want to know, is she divorced?

Of course, even if you meet someone in the traditional “real world” way, you will still want to know the answer to the question “is she divorced.”  After all, while it might be a little more difficult for a person hide the truth in person, some people are very good at it.  You do not want to have a rude awakening when you find out she has not severed the ties completely with her previous partner so knowing the answer to the question “is she divorced” becomes crucial for your own sense of safety and wellbeing.  You might also have a good friend and you don’t want to see him get hurt.  He will want to know “is she divorced” and if he doesn’t, you can still find out for him.

To answer the question “is she divorced” you will need to do some digging.  However, this digging is easier than you might think.  Divorce records are not generally accessible by the general public, but you don’t have to be a private detective to answer the question “is she divorced.”  Going to the county courthouse may not provide you with the information you seek because divorce records are generally only released to either of the people involved in the divorce and their attorneys.  You will have to find another way to answer the question “is she divorced.”

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Fortunately, the internet is not only a source of dating; it is a source of information as well.  There are plenty of online services that will be able to look up divorce records in their database and tell you if someone is divorced.  They might also be able to tell you information such as who she was married to and when and where the divorce took place.  First you need to type “is she divorced” or a similar phrase into your search engine.  This will bring up sites that you can go to in order to find the answer to the question is she divorced.

There is usually a small fee of between $20 and $50 to find the answer to the question “is she divorced.”  You will have the information within minutes and you will then know the truth.  You will either know you can trust this person and have peace of mind or you will know that she is not the person you thought she was and you can move on.  Whatever your reason for asking the question “is she divorced” an online search will reveal the answer to that question.

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