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Is She Married

Is She MarriedIn order to find out about previous marriage of the bride to be, you will need to know how to answer the question — is she married.  You can easily perform a search on the Internet in order to get your answers.  No matter what your reason, you will be able to find the answer to is she married. White pages and yellow pages directories are a great way to start your search to see is she married.  These directories list every single individual who has activated a home phone number without paying the additional fee to become unlisted.

The majority of people do not want to pay the extra fee to have their information unlisted, so that makes it much easier for you to see is she married.  Once you have entered the name in the search box, you will get results back that will display any household members listed as a spouse from previous addresses.  Then you can see if the bride to be has already been married.
Another way to know is she married, is to visit the marriage license department of the specific state that she lives in.

This government website will either allow you to search their database online, request a record search, or allow you to view their public files at their location.  This is a very reliable source of information in order to answer the question, is she married.  You may have to visit multiple marriage license websites if she has lived in more than one state. Additional government websites that you can use to complete the search on is she married, are the county clerk’s office and county tax department.

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The clerk’s office has deeds, mortgages, judgments, oaths, permits, licenses and many more types of documents filed and viewable online.  So, if she has ever purchased property with a previous spouse or has filled out an application that would need to be filed at this office, you would be able to see it.  Is she married is also easily answered by going to the county tax records department.  There you will be able to see the history of properties she has had in a particular county so that you can see if she has owned something with a spouse in the past.

You can also use traditional methods such as searching for newspaper announcements of engagements and weddings that are archived online.  Many websites allow you to search through a large number of years of their archive so that you can see is she married.  You can also see what types of search result show up in major search engines for her name.  You may be able to visit websites where she has left blog messages where she mentions an old spouse.  It is quite amazing the type of information that you can find on the Internet.  It makes it so much easier for you to find out is she married.

If you would like to dig deeper into her past, you can use a people search database that charges a nominal fee between $20 and $50 in order to get personal information.  You can find out her social security number, previous addresses, employment history, date of birth and much more. Being able to locate the necessary information that you need in order to find out is she married, is quite simple.  All you need is a little bit of time and patience in order to sift through all of the Internet results.  You will be able to answer the question you’ve have always been wondering about — is she married.

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