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Marital Status Search

Marital Status SearchThere may come a time when you need to create a marital status search on an individual.  These types of searches will reveal whether or not someone is lying about their past.  This is why a marital status search is essential for getting to the heart of the truth. A basic search that you can perform is on newspaper websites where engagement and wedding announcements are archived.  You can search by the person’s name to see if they come up in a marital status search that you are trying to complete.  An easier way to search more than one of these types of sites is to perform a general name search in a major search engine.

Sites like Google will crawl through the millions of web pages and find even the smallest fragments of information on someone.  You can even use a major search engine to find which social networking sites they are on, so that you can check their profile and message history to see if they have discussed a prior spouse.  This is a great way to get a marital status search on its way.
You can also visit the white pages or yellow pages directories online, to continue a marital status search.  You can find almost anyone’s information on there, because most people do not pay the extra fee to have their number unlisted.

When you don’t have your number unlisted, you are allowing phone companies to submit your information to public sites such as these directories.  This makes it easy for someone to perform a search on them such as a marital status search.  The results that come back after you enter the person’s name in the search box will display the household members associated with previous addresses, including a spouse. A marital status search can also be completed at government websites.  You can visit the marriage license department of any state online.

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Depending upon their requirements, you will be able to search their database online, submit a record request or visit their physical location to view the public files.  Anytime someone gets married, they have to fill out an application to get a marriage license or permit.  These files are public information.  You will easily be able to ascertain if someone has been married by performing this simple marital status search.  If the person has lived in multiple states, you will need to visit more than one state website.

Another government website that you can use for your marital status search is the county clerk’s office where many different kinds of documents are required to be filed.  Instruments such as deeds, mortgages, judgments, oaths, permits, and licenses can reveal a previous or current spouse.  You can also continue the marital status search at the county tax department.  At this website, you can search by name to display a property ownership history that will reveal any spouses that are associated with the address.

You can also find out what the person has paid for their home, their tax assessments, payment history and even see a picture of the home. If you would like to gain access to very personal information such as a social security number, date of birth, employment history, address history, then you can use the services of a people search database.  They charge a nominal fee from $20 to $50 in order to perform a search on the individual, including this marital status search. Finding out if someone is or has been married is simple.  You can carry out a marital status search on anyone with the Internet.

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