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Find a Residential Address

Find a Residential AddressThere are people that we have met throughout our lives, whose information we have written in our address books.  Over time, we will typically lose contact with certain people and will later want to find a residential address that is current. Your address book is a great starting point to find a residential address.  You can take the information that you currently have and enter it into a search engine like Google.  Make sure that you are entering the complete information including city, state, and zip code.  The search engine will find all of the relevant information that contains the address you have inputted.

This is one step closer to find a residential address. Sometimes you will find that the information returned from the search engines did not find a residential address that matches.  The next step you should take is finding the county that the city belongs to.  When you find the county website, they will have links to the various departments that can help you find a residential address. The first department that you should start your search in is the county tax office or appraiser’s office.

You want to specifically search the database for all of the property addresses in the county.  Enter in the last address you have to find a residential address that matches.  When you find the address, check and see if they are still the owners of the property.  If they sold the property, you may be able to contact the new owners to see if they can find a residential address for that person that is more current.  If you were not able to find a residential address using this method, you can search the same database using their full name.  You might find that they have just moved to a new address inside the same county.

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Another department that you can search is the county clerk’s office.  They have a database that contains all the legal transactions that have occurred within the county available for public viewing.  You can log on to their system online or you may have to physically visit that department in order to find a residential address.  Be mindful that there can be many variations of a name, so the easiest way to locate the correct one is to find the deed that was recorded that matches that last known address.  Now that you have the correct name, you can search the records to find a residential address that is current.  In the records your will find all the legal activity that has been recorded for that person.

You may find judgments, liens, or even a new deed which will help you find where that person lives. If after searching those records you were not able to locate that person, you can try another option to search for them.  Log onto the Craigslist website, and find the state and city the person used to live in.  Enter into the search box, the person phone number or full name.  You may be surprised that they are listing something for sale using those pieces of information and you can contact them through the email address they have listed.  You have now been able to find a residential address that is current for that person.
If you want additional information on individuals or if you would like someone else to handle the search to find a residential address, there are many services that charge a nominal fee of $20 to $50 to gather this information.  Companies that have a people search database are great examples.

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