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Where Does He Live

Where Does He LiveThroughout our lives, we have come in contact with many people that have become important to us.  Sometimes, we lose contact with those people and we may wonder — where does he live. If you have some information on the person that you want to know where does he live, then a great place to start looking is by entering the phone number you have into a search engine like Google.  These search engines will crawl the Internet looking for any records containing that phone number.  You may luck out and find a match as to where does he live.

After inputting the phone number into the search engine, you may not get any relevant results as to where does he live.  You should then try using the person’s name and the state that he last resided in.  This will open the search results to include anyone with the same name located in that particular state.  Finding out where does he live will require more time on your part, as you will have to search through many records in order to locate a good match. If after using the search engine to find where does he live provides no good matches for the address, then the next thing you should do is find the county where the person last resided.

Start by entering the city that he last lived in into a search engine and find out what county the city belongs to.  You will then be able to find the county website.  You will be that much closer to finding where does he live.  When you reach the county website, you will want to find the county appraisers office or tax department.  These departments will allow you to search the database using the last known address for where does he live.  When the results comes back that match the last physical address, you will be able to see if that person is still the same owner or if they sold it.  If the house has been sold, then maybe you can contact the new owner to see if they know their new address or if they know someone who does.

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If you are not able to locate where does he live by using this method, the county has another option for searching out the address.  The county clerk’s office is the department that records all the legal transactions that occur within the county.  By gaining access to these public records, you can perform a search to ascertain where does he live.  You typically can search by full name and the record system will return all the results matching that name.  To make sure that you have the right person, as there could be several variations of the name, try locating the deed that he recorded when he bought or sold the house which has the same address.

Once you have located the right name, you are getting close to finding him.  In these records, you will finding everything there is to know about him.  If he sold the house, you will find recorded documents that should contain a new address as to where he is currently living.  If he went and purchased a new home in the same county, you would be able to find a new recorded deed therefore finding, where does he live. If you want additional information on the individual or you would like someone else to handle the search toanswer where does he live, there are many services that charge a nominal fee of $20 to $50 to gather this information.  They are better known as people search databases.

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