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Who Lived In My House

Who Lived In My HouseWhether you have just purchased a new home or have lived in the same house for as long as you can remember, you may have wondered who lived in my house.  With homes being built hundreds of years ago, you can find a rich history of the individuals who occupied those walls by searching out the former owners. The first place that you should look to find who lived in my house, is to locate your abstract of title or search.  This is a legal-sized document that contains that entire history of who owned the home prior to you, along with the related mortgages and easements.

You can start by locating at the last entry, which is when you purchased the home.  You should write down all the full names of the persons who lived in my house. With those names, you can begin an online search by inputting the names into a search engines like Google.  You will see multiple listings for individuals with that name appear.  During your search, you may also find services that will provide you with more detailed information on those who lived in my house for a fee typically in the range of $20 to $50.  Most of the information can be found for free, but if there is a particular person who lived in my house that you want a great deal of information on, then you may want to consider purchasing the service to find who lived in my house.

Once you have found some information on who lived in my house, you can gather more detailed information by searching more databases.  By visiting the county website in which the person currently resides, you can find information such as the price of their new home, what size the home is, how much do they pay in taxes, if their taxes are current and much more.  This information can be found in the tax department or tax assessor’s office. To find more personal information on who lived in my house, you can log onto the county clerk’s website to perform a search of the public records.

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In this database, you can locate all of the documents of the person who lived in my house that occurred in that specific county.  Some of the documents that can be found at this website include deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments, pending litigation and many more.  Having this type of information is useful when trying to locate who lived in my house, because you may have a question about the home that only the previous owners may know the answer to.

Another way that you can find information on those who lived in my house, is to log onto Craigslist and perform a search using that person’s name in the city that found the person residing in.  If you were not able to find a phone number for this person from your previous searches, but have a confirmed city and address that they are living at, then you may find them selling something that they own.  That listing may contain their address.  Now you have the opportunity of responding to them by email and are able to talk to those who lived in my house.

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