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Who Lives at a Certain Address

Who Lives at a Certain AddressBeing able to find out who lives at a certain address can be very easy to do.  There are numerous reasons why you would need to locate the resident of a particular address, such as needing to send a notice or having to contact them about a noise disturbance.  Whatever your reason may be, you will discover that it is rather simple to ascertain who lives at a certain address. The first place you can begin your search is with the white pages or yellow pages.  Even though you may have a hard-copy version of these directories, using the online version will be much faster to find who lives at a certain address.

Searching by address is quite easy, because the only type of results that will be returned will only match the exact address.  Often times, the year that the entry was created will be displayed, so that you can easily select the appropriate individual.  Determining who lives at a certain address can end right at these types of directories.  Anyone who has a phone line installed at their house is automatically listed in the white pages, unless they pay to have their phone number unlisted.  Those that are listed have the name, phone and address displayed at these types of sites.   This is why it can be easy to see who lives at a certain address.

If the white pages do not have the information you are looking for, then you can try searching out the address in major search engines.  One popular engine is Google, which has amassed a large amount of information from the various Internet sites.  To know who lives at a certain address, you will want to place the physical address in the search box to see what types of results are returned.  You will be amazed at what you can find online for free.  You may find that the property is up for sale by owner, which will display their name and contact information.  Or you may find that the person, who lives at a certain address, is selling something online at either an auction site or classified listing, where their personal information is displayed.

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Another way to learn exactly who lives at a certain address is to utilize free government websites.  You can search the county records to discover who lives at a certain address.  If you visit the county tax website you will be able to search by address.  Not only will you find the owner’s name, but you may also find a phone number, mailing address, purchase price of their home, property tax assessment and payment history.  All of this information is right at your fingertips. You can also use the county clerk’s website where every deed, mortgage, lien, business license, permit and other instruments are recorded.

Often times the address is displayed on these types of documents, which is a nice tool to check who lives at a certain address. There are also some paid services that you can use to find even more information on an individual.  Some people search databases will charge a nominal fee which is typically between $20 and $50 for the use of their services. They do everything for you.As you can see, discovering the contact information for who lives at a certain address can be accomplished by anyone.  The Internet has made it possible to find out almost anything on anyone.  You have the tools you need to find out who lives at a certain address.

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